You’re missing it

I recently introduced my girls to one of my FAVORITE movies as a kid…
Hook, starring Robin Williams.

I once again felt all the wonder that I felt as a kid watching it.  How hard I tried to fly.. When no one was looking.  But that’s not the point of this post.
(Though I still hope flying is a reality in Heaven and If it’s not, since we can’t die in our new bodies, you’ll surely find me jumping off things “flying”)

Okay back to the point.
There’s a scene that I didn’t fully understand or appreciate as a kid.
It’s the moment when Peter is about to accept a phone call when his wife grabs it and launches it out the window.

At this point in the movie, he has consistently given Brad (work friend) first dibs on his attention. Missing his son’s big game and being distracted during his daughter’s play.

So finally, they are in London and a bad news phone call come through that angers Peter.
He blows up at his family and his wife has had enough.

That’s when this moment in the video happens.

I don’t want to miss it.

But I know I am… and more than I want to admit.

I don’t want to get anyone on the defensive here so I’ll only shoot at myself.
It’s not wrong to work. And you will HAVE to miss things, just a reality of reponsibility and children don’t fully understand that we can’t do anything, anytime they want.
That being said, it’s not the important things that steal my attention away and rob me of the special moments.
It’s the things I deem more important than they actually are that rob me.
My phone isn’t the enemy, just the messenger.

Confession: I have blown up, raised my voice and said things I regret.
And though it’s so clear to see when I’m watching this clip, how awful it looks and terrible that Peter takes things out on his family, when he is so clearly wrong, I still so easily miss it in my own life.
BTW, Apologizing as an adult to your kids is HUGE, and I’ve had to do it, but that’s not the focus of this post.


The phones have updated but the distractions are the same… So we have to choose.
We answer texts and scroll through instagram when someone is talking to our face.
It’s rude, but we do it. We grant someone else not with us, the permission to interrupt us.
We may not think we mark everything as urgent, but we give it the attention only real urgent things deserve. I’ve done this, I am guilty.
But I’ve had it done to me, and I NEVER LIKE IT.
I feel unimportant or boring to that person.
So… how do our kids feel over the 10+ years we get when they actually care and want our attention, as she says in the snippet.

The beauty of this movie is not just Peter’s discovery of who he really is, but in realizing the trade off he was making, while he still had time to change and make his days count.

An interesting thought:
If we could see our live’s in a movie right now, would we see ourselves as a dialed in parent, engaged in those fleeting moments or would it be clear to the audience “you are missing it!”  Are we aware of what we allow to consistently steal our attention?  Worse, are we aware but just don’t care cause we are numb.
I think Peter cared and was even aware, but needed a wake up call.

Maybe this could serve as a small little wake up call…. So… WAKE UP!!!

There’s still time… Don’t miss it.


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