Glorious Interruption

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* Available on iTUNES HERE 

In 2008, a good friend of mine Ted Lowe asked me to help him with an idea he had for a Christmas Married Life event.

He wanted to call it “Glorious Interruption.”
The story of how the birth of Jesus, gloriously interrupted Mary and Joseph’s plan for their life and their marriage, and how that same baby, later would give up his life to gloriously interrupt ours.

So the hope was to have a song that would accompany this special night at our church and really drive the point home.
I was so honored he asked me and am grateful to finally share the song now…
6 years later!!! (reason: I signed a label and publishing deal, had a couple more babies, released a few other records and just kinda… forgot… to share the song.)

Through the years I’ve been asked often about a track or lead sheet to play the song, so I’ve included those as well.
The lead sheet/lyrics are free below.
When you buy the song on iTunes it comes with a performace track as well to sing wherever/whenever you want!

To read/download the full story with musical accompaniment, visit:

AND check out @TedLowe for excellent resources for the marriages in your church!

Glorious Interruption(RHY-Ab) (right click to download)

So many plans we had for tomorrow
All of them replaced by what happened today
How can it be that you are here with me
When all our dreams have been changed
It feels like a weight I never could carry
And so I pray you’ll give me the strength
Is it real that now we must leave and go away From everything

Glorious interruption
by the Son of God, the Messiah
Jesus, how precious is the life you will give up
To be part of us

Looking at you
how could we imagine
The love you’d bring
that we had not planned for
And though it seems you needed us
now we know that we We needed you more

Glorious interruption
by the Son of God, the Messiah
Jesus, how precious is the life you will give up
To be part of us

Become all that we know
Become all that we need
You are our only hope
You are our everything
So Draw us ever close
Show us who you are
The savior of the world
We’re holding in our arms


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