Lessons from a Treadmill and Forest Gump

I watched Forest Gump when it first came out in 1994!  I was in 9th grade and as I recall, I had many LOL’s and cried a LOT.
Earlier today I was on the treadmill at our gym and they happen to have Mr. gump on!
I picked up at the part where he is running across America about to finish and see Jenny again & meet his son.
I wasn’t looking for any lessons or inspiration, but it found me… so here’s some quick lessons I learned.

Don’t run on a treadmill and watch Forest Gump.
Crying and running make breathing difficult and awkward for you and the muscle-heads watching you.

What would the world look like if people forgave the way Forest does when he pursues Jenny and recieves her back after she ran out on him over and over.
“Forest I’m sick.”
He immediately offers his home, offers to take care of her… He takes her back!
What if…

Upon sending his son off to school for the first day, as little Forest is getting on the bus, “Forest, Don’t….. I wanna tell you I love you.”
How many times are the last words our kids or our loved ones hear from us something negative… “DON’T”
Forest pauses and seems to remember what he didn’t hear enough of growing up
“I love you”
He gives his son the best thing he can and the very thing he’ll need reminding of his whole life.
The list of “Don’t” is long, the gift of love… not often enough.

When Forest is recalling his life journey to Jenny on her death bed, she says, “I wish I was with you”
In reply He says, “you were!”
He says he was trying to do what his momma said and put the past behind you… But as he learned you can’t.  It goes WITH you.
It’s part of you and your story.
Remember, you are influencing people… even when you are running.  It will become a part of your story.
It seems in life, we will be defined by what we run from or what we run to.
So. Run for health and enjoyment, but not to forget your past or in an attempt to leave it behind you.

And above all… Don’t do it on a treadmill while watching Forest Gump.