What keeps you humble?

photo 2

Is there anything in your life that’s keeping you humble?

For me, one thing is my broken side mirror that is currently taped on like a boss.
I could fix it and almost have several times.
It’s not a hazard and I can see fine, but it’s become more to me lately.
It’s a reminder of a lesson learned.

I tried to beat out the closing gate of our subdivision and failed. Miserably.
The mirror shot out like a rocket.
So like the boy from the MacGyver generation that I am, I fashioned some tape into a side-mirror-keep-in-placer.
And wha-la… fixed!

So there’s that, but it also helps keep the temptation of having an inflated view of myself in its place as well.
Everytime I go back to my car from doing anything praise-worthy or in those moments someone is over-flattering, I see that mirror and am brought back to earth again.
“Oh yeah… I almost forgot… I’m an idiot.”

So for now I’m leaving it this way.
Who knows, I may fix it one day, like when Ava starts driving… ughh… like that will happen.

But it’s serving a greater purpose in my life… assisting in keeping me humble.

How’s that for a silver lining to a goof-ball move.

So what’s it for you?
It could be anything really, maybe something heavier like a “Thorn in the flesh” or a zit.

What’s helping keep you humble?

(side note: I routinely get insane middle-school-esque zits on ALL important occasions.)


One thought on “What keeps you humble?

  1. Casey – You may have made some mistakes but the “Jesus-like” heart in you was always shining through! Your best days are still ahead!! Same guy….a little older….same “Jesus-like” heart!!!

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